Dear person,

I’d love another chance to be with you. I messed up once, but i won’t mess up again.

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You’re cute.

It would be amazing if I had the chance to go out with you. (:

Stop Bullying. Really. Please stop.

If you believe that this is a real problem that should be stopped please put your name below and reblog. The more people who do this, the more attention that will be drawn to the issue. Let us all address this ok?

Hi, my name is Anna. Ever since 6th grade, people have been making fun of my hair. You see, when I was 9 or 10 (I forgot) I accidentally cut most of my hair off, and it’s taking FOREVER to grow. In 6th grade, there was this boy and his friends that use to tease me everyday about my hair, and sung mean and insulting songs about my hair. I cried right in front of his face, and he still kept bothering me, I was 11 when I moved to NY, but I am originally from Florida. I am now in 8th grade. I started a new school, and I feel as if people STILL don’t like me. I am STILL getting insulted by people who I don’t even know. Bullying hurts. It doesn’t matter if it’s physically or by mouth. It can still cause emotional damage to people. Bullying is for losers….

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I’m somethin’ different all aspects, I don’t want a women just to love her assets.

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